It's not really a festival if you aren't camping under the stars and partying all weekend with your friends!

2022 Camping On Sale Now!

Stay with us for the whole weekend or camp for a single night. We have five amazing campgrounds to choose from with hundreds of sites. It’s the perfect place to hang out with old friends and new.

  • Festival admission ticket sold separately. You must have a festival pass to access the campgrounds.
  • Camping is available in a 4-day pass or single day.
  • All riverfront and general sites are approximately 18′ x 40′.
  • Bigwood sites are approximately 20’ x 60’.
  • Chattahoochee XL sites are approximately 18’ x 55’.
  • Deadwood sites vary due to the treed landscape however 16’ x 40’ is the standard.
  • 1 Camping pass includes:
    • 4 people to camp on site
    • 2 steering wheels will be allowed per site. Each campsite will automatically come with 4 camping access bands and 2 vehicle hang tags. Smallwood single day camping, Hoodoo Ridge, and Ventura are the only campgrounds that will only allow one steering wheel per site.
  • Additional vehicles will need to park in the West Gate lot. Additional parking is not included in the campsite price.
  • To ensure the safety of all campers, trailer hitches must face out to the road in each campsite. Fire lanes, river access and roadways cannot be blocked at any time.
  • 2 motorcycles can replace 1 vehicle
  • RV, trailer and tent style camping is welcome in any of our 5 campgrounds
  • Sites do not have power & water hookups.
  • Generators are welcome
  • Single day camping is only available in Smallwood
  • Early Entry: Wednesday July 27th at 10:00 AM
  • Check in: Thursday, July 28th at 10:00 AM
  • Check out: Monday, August 1st by 12 noon
  • Camping gates are open 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM daily.

Camping Add-Ons

  • Extra Camper
    Up to 2 additional people can camp on your site (Max 6 people total)
  • Early Entry
    Set up camp on Wednesday, beat the General Admission rush!

Services Offered

  • Mobile ICE sales
  • Water truck for RV’s & trailers
  • Sanitation truck for RV’s & trailers
  • Campground hosts to assist all campers!

Campsite Sizes

  • Tumbleweed: 18’ x 40’ Campsites
  • Chattahoochee: 18’ x 40’ Campsites
  • Chattahoochee XL: 18’ x 55’ Campsites
  • Deadwood: 16’ x 40’ Campsites
  • Bigwood: 20’ x 60’ Campsites
  • Hoodoo Ridge: 16’ x 35’ Campsites
  • Ventura: 18’ x 42’ Campsites
  • Ventura XL: 18’ x 55’ Campsites
  • Smallwood: 11’ x 20’ Campsites

If you book a site and arrive with a vehicle/trailer/RV that does not fit within the site size, you will be refused the site and moved to overflow parking in Hoodoo. Please ensure your trailer/RV fits in the campsite you select.

Our credential shipping is back!

To help expedite the festival entry, a $25 mandatory wristband shipping policy will be in place for all attendees.


$ 300
Site Sizes
18′ x 40′ Campsites


East side / 10 min walk to site

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Hoodoo Ridge

$ 99
Site Sizes
16′ x 35′ Campsites

2:00 AM

West side / 15 min walk to show site. Free shuttle bus to/from show site.

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$ 75
Site Sizes
11′ x 20′ Campsites

2:00 AM

East side / 15 min walk to site

1-day only campground.
1 steering wheel per site.

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$ 325
Site Sizes
18′ x 42′ Campsites


East side / 5 min walk to site

View camping map


$ 300
Site Sizes
18′ x 40′ Campsites

4:00 AM

West side / 1-15 min walk to site

Entertainment district with live music, food and after hours fun.

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$ 425
Site Sizes
20′ x 60′ Campsites

2:00 AM

East side / 1 min walk to site

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