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Chattahoochee is the fastest selling campsite! 2019 will see more riverfront campsites, the addition of a reserved section which includes oversized sites, the rest will be open for General Admission camping. Plus increased amenities including and elevated General Store, food options, bars, additional toilets and a fresh entertainment district.

Thanks to your feedback, we have decided to remove the Reserved Seating section of the site. If you would still like to have your own seat, you are welcome to bring a lawn chair into the General Admission area or join us on the upgraded free flow Party Patios with open seating options (not reserved seats)

Party Patios are the best seats in the house! Join us above the crowds with stellar views, private bars, premium flush toilets, open concept seating, and new for 2019 – Party Patio ticket holders have free flow access to all patios! You also have access to the Party Zone and General Admission areas.

2019 is looking to be our hottest year yet! You filled in the on-site survey and sent us your feedback. We listened to your comments and are working hard to bring you the best Rockin’ River experience we can! Expect more bars, more festival staff, more food options including breakfast and late night eats and of course, more music!

We no longer have the ability to renew reserved campsites and reserved ticket packages. We value the long standing loyal reserved campers and reserved seating customers so we are offering an exclusive pre-purchase opportunity to the account holder from last year. All previous reserved ticket holders (Reserved Seating, Party Patio, Deadwood/Bigwood, Riverfront Camping, Kabanas only) will be emailed an exclusive loyalty presale code that is unique to their email. This code can be used during the exclusive presale to purchase ANY tickets – you are no longer locked into your previous order! The individual who purchased the camping and passes last year (Rockin’ River 2018 Festival) will be receiving an email with a unique code on November 13. This code will be used at checkout to purchase passes and camping before the general public. There will be no other presales available. In order to maintain exclusivity to the loyalty presale, your code can only be used once – select our layaway option to grab all the best passes now and pay as you go! Check your email for your unique code next week.
The email with the unique will be sent to the account holder who purchased the passes last year. Only those that qualify will receive a code. If you did not purchase the passes then you will not receive a code. If you were a renewal customer in the 2018 season and did not receive an email with the code, please contact

Ticket Faqs

Admission Quick Tips
  • Festival admission tickets and camping passes are sold separately
  • Admission prices are per person
  • Camping prices are per site – split with friends!
  • Festival admission tickets and camping passes are sold separately, but you can enter the campsites with a festival wristband.
  • Admission and Camping are sold separately
  • Kids 12 and under are free with parent or guardian
  • All festival wristbands and vehicle decals will be shipped directly to you in advance of the festival. Shipment dates and info will come closer to the festival.
  • Tickets cannot be shared with people, 1 wristband per person.
  • Outside gates are open 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM daily. Campers should arrive before 10:00 PM or will not be processed until the following day.
  • Gates to the show site are open from 10:00 AM to 2:30 AM daily.
  • Please visit the Frontgate ticketing FAQ for question specific to the ordering process or updating your ticketing account.
What do I need to get into the festival?

New for 2019! All wristbands and vehicle decals will be shipped directly to you – no need to print tickets and exchange them at the gate. You will be informed of the shipment dates, which are well in advance of the festival, prior to delivery. All wristbands and vehicle decals have a barcode that is unique to your order. The purchaser will be responsible for distributing wristbands to their friends prior to entering the festival. Each barcode can only be scanned in once so keep them safe!

Can I get my same seats as last year?

After much consideration and feedback from fans, we have decided to remove the Reserved Seating section of the festival. If you would still like to have your own seat, you are welcome to bring a lawn chair in to the General Admission area or join us on the upgraded, free flow Party Patios with open seating options (these are not reserved seats).

I have another question

If we didn’t answer your questions here please feel free to drop us a line here:

Are prices going up?

Scheduled price increases are standard each year: Advance tickets, Early Bird tickets, Regular Tickets and Gate tickets. Gate pricing typically starts within a week of the event. Prices may increase at any time. Rockin’ River e-news and social media will keep you up to date and give notice of any price increases.

Can I upgrade my ticket?

Yes. General Admission ticket upgrades to Party Zone will be available for purchase at the Guest Services booth onsite. Party Zone tickets are limited and on a first come-first serve basis!

Do kids 12 and under need a ticket?

Rockin’ River Music Fest is a family event and kids are always welcome! Children 12 and under are FREE with a paying adult in the General Admission section. Parents wishing to bring their children into Premium ticket areas are required to purchase a full price ticket for their child. Please don’t leave your children unattended.

Can I split my multi-day admission between multiple people?

No, a wristband cannot be split. One wristband per person.

Can I bring my drink back to my seats?

Yes! You can purchase drinks at any vendor and carry it across the site with you.

Do tickets get cheaper as the night goes on?

The festival tickets do not get cheaper if you show up later at night when the show is almost over.

Can I buy tickets the day of the festival?

Yes, you can purchase tickets from the box office at the festival gates on the day of the festival – subject to availability.

What forms of payment do you accept?

At the festival gates and on the show site we accept Cash, Visa, and Mastercard.

Can I come and go from the festival as I please?

If you are camping with us, we ask that you limit your trips into town to reduce congestion, noise, dust, and potential accidents. Our General Stores and vendors have everything you need, but if you want to stretch your legs jump on our shuttle into Merritt.

Is it safe to purchase tickets off of Craigslist?

While in most cases it can be safe to purchase tickets off of a friend or family member, purchasing tickets from someone you don’t know can be VERY risky! Rockin’ River will not validate any ticket barcodes over the phone. Barcodes can only be scanned once. In the case of tickets being copied, only the first barcode scan will work. Anyone arriving after that with copied tickets will be refused entry. The safest bet is to buy from ticketing system.

Is accessible seating available?

Accessible Seating located in the back of the Party Zone area. Spots are not assigned, they will be on a daily first come first served basis.

How can I transfer my entire order to a friend?

Transferring ownership of ticket orders is not available once the order has been placed. The original purchaser can contact Customer Service to update the shipping destination for the entire order (as long as its before the fulfillment date). Another option is for the original purchaser to add a second party pickup name to the account, if customers want to have their entire order to be picked up on site by one alternate party. The alternate party would need to pick up all tickets, and multiple names would not be permitted on the order. They would need to contact customer service in order to have the name added to the account.The original customers account information (billing, credit card charge, etc.) would not be altered.

How can I transfer part of my order to a friend?

If an electronic ticket, the ticket would need to be forwarded via email to the attending party.

What are the layaway plan dates? Is it the same day each month that I purchased tickets?

Layaway dates can be the 15th of each month.

Camping Faqs

Camping Quick Tips
  • Please note, the festival gates for new and returning entrants can be very busy on the Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of the festival. If you can, we recommend not leaving the show site on those days as you could have a long wait returning to the festival grounds due to new camper arrivals. We encourage you to load up on supplies before you come or utilize the general store on site for anything you may have forgotten.
  • All riverfront and general sites are approximately 18′ x 40′ (Bigwood sites are approximately 20′ X 60′ to accommodate up to 40′ for big rigs)
  • 1 Camping pass includes 4 people to camp on a site, 1 steering wheels to park on site* (2 motorcycles can replace 1 vehicle).
  • RV, trailer, and tent style camping is welcome in any of our 6 campgrounds.
  • Showers tokens are available for purchase at the Kahuna General Store.
  • Campsites do not have power or water hookups. Generators are welcome to run from 8am to Midnight.
  • Single day camping is only available in Smallwood Campground.
  • Absolutely no generators should be left running while unattended.
  • To ensure the safety of all campers, trailer hitches must face out to the road in each campsite. Fire lanes, river access and roadways cannot be blocked at any time.
  • A patron 19+ must be the person to check in for the campsite and remain camping in that site all weekend. Someone 19+ cannot purchase the campsite and give it to a younger patron.
  • Anyone 16 and under also requires a parent or guardian attending and camping with them.
  • Underage drinking/substance use will not be tolerated at any time anywhere on Rockin’ River property.
  • Please visit the Frontgate ticketing FAQ for question specific to the ordering process or updating your ticketing account.
Are pets allowed at the festival?

Pets are not allowed on the festival show site, i.e where the vendors are and the concerts take place. August is a very hot month so please leaves your pets at home where it’s nice and cool. If a pet is found left in a car, like we have seen in previous years, we may call the SPCA to come pick them up.

For campers, you are allowed to have pets in the campgrounds. Again, it is very hot so we strongly recommend leaving your furry friends at home with a caretaker. For those campers who go everywhere with their animals, we get it! Just make sure that AC is cranked for them. Please clean up after your pets and make sure they have a cool spot with lots of water while you’re at the festival.

Can I have a fire in my campground?

No open fires or burning is allowed in the campgrounds. You are permitted to run a propane portable stove / barbecue that is off the ground.

We follow all BC fire bans, which can change on a moment’s notice. All stipulations regarding fires will be strictly enforces and are subject to change.

How many people are allowed in a campsite?

Each campsite can hold up to 4 people. Additional Camper Access Passes can be purchased for $30 each, to a maximum of 6 people per site. Like admission passes, camper access passes cannot be split up throughout the weekend. The same campers must camp on that site for the duration of the festival.

How often do the parking lot and campground shuttles run?

Our free campsite shuttles start running to and from the festival grounds 30 minutes before the gates open. They run constantly throughout the day. Each shuttle has a donation bucket to support a local charity so be sure to bring some change.

Is accessible camping available?

Accessible Camping is available in Chattahoochee, directly across from the bridge entrance into the festival grounds. This is a reserved section that requires a government issued placard.

How many vehicles are allowed in a campsite?

One steering wheel is allowed per campsite. In the case of motorcycles you are allowed up to two in one site in lieu of 1 steering wheel.

What if my vehicle/trailer/RV does not fit in my campsite?

If you book a site and arrive with a vehicle/trailer/rv that does not fit within the site size, you will be refused the site and moved to overflow parking in Hoodoo. Please ensure your trailer/rv fits in the campsite you select. See the campsite sizes on the camping page.

Are we allowed alcohol in the campgrounds?

You can consume alcohol in your campsite, but you are not permitted to walk around the campgrounds or on roadways with open alcohol containers. Alcohol will be confiscated and not returned. You could also be subject to removal from the festival grounds. Outside alcohol cannot be brought into the show site. Show site alcohol cannot be brought out to your campsite. Please drink responsibly.

When can I check into my campsite?

Campgrounds open at 10:00 AM on Thursday for all campsites. If you purchased an Early Entry Camping Pass you can come in Wednesday starting at 10:00 AM. Our gates are open from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM daily. Campers should arrive before 10:00 PM or they will not be processed or gain access to the festival until the following day.

Are there amenity hookups available?

There are no water or electrical hookups in the campgrounds so please come prepared. We do have a water truck and sani truck that circles the campgrounds throughout the day for a minimal fee.

Can I bring my ATV, dirtbike or hotwheels machine?

MOTORIZED VEHICLES ARE NOT PERMITTED at any time. This is a safety issue and will be strictly enforced. Violation of this policy will be cause for eviction from the campground and the festival grounds.

What size campsite do I need?

We have 16′ x 40′ standard sites up to 20′ by 60′ campsites and they allow 1 vehicle or 2 motorcycles per site. These are perfect for your RV’s, truck and trailers, tents or up to six people with 1 vehicle. Please ensure all belongings, RV/trailer slide outs and vehicles fit within the dimensions of your site. If you show up with gear that expands outside of your allotted space you will be moved to overflow camping. Sites can be purchased side by side to create more space.

What time do the gates open?

The East and West Gates will open at 10:00 AM Wednesday, July 31 for Early Entry Camping Pass holders only. Thursday – Sunday they will open from 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM for all ticket holders. The Show Site Gates will open at 10:00 AM Thursday to Sunday so you can check out our vendors, grab a bite to eat, or check out our daily activities before the show!

Can I bring food and beverages to my campground?

Yes, you’re allowed to bring your own food and drink to the campground, but outside food and drinks are not permitted inside the show site. You can also pick up supplies from the Kahuna General Store onsite.

Can a friend pop over and visit me at my campsite?

Only festival attendees are permitted in the campgrounds and they must have a valid Festival Wristband. If your friend is also attending the festival, they’re more than welcome to visit your campsite during the day. If a non camping festival patron would like to join a friend’s campsite for the night they would need to purchase an Extra Camper Access Band for $30, available at Guest Services. Only patrons with Camping Access Bands will be allowed into the campgrounds after dark. Single day ticket holders will not be permitted to park in the campgrounds – they must park in the day or overnight lots at West Gate.

Can I have alcohol at my campsite?

You can consume alcohol in your campsite, but you are not permitted to walk around the campgrounds or on roadways with alcohol. Alcohol will be confiscated and not returned and you could be subject to removal from the festival grounds.

Are there showers for campers?

We have 18 showers in our general store located in Camp Kahuna. Tokens can be purchased from the store and are open to all campers for $7 per person.

Are glass bottles allowed in the campground or river?

GLASS IS NOT PERMITTED in the river and cannot be carried throughout the campgrounds. We understand that some bottles will be glass, but those must stay in your campground. Wherever possible, please choose beverages in plastic or metal containers.

Can I bathe in the river?

The Coldwater River is a beautiful feature of the Merritt festival show site and we want to treat it and its inhabitants with the utmost care. Absolutely no bathing or washing dishes in the river. Showers are located in Camp Kahuna.

Can I swim in the Coldwater River? How high will the water be?

The river is ideal for sitting in a lawn chair and cooling off! There are deeper parts to the Coldwater River where you could potentially swim, but there are also strong currents depending on the water level so please be careful at all times. There can also be sharp rocks on the bottom of the river so don’t skim along the bottom and always wear footwear. The depth of the river fluctuates year after year. There will not be a lifeguard onsite.

Can I put my awning and slides out on my trailer?

The wind coming down the valley through the festival site can be quite strong and can damage your awnings. You are welcome to put your slides out so long as you remain within your site size restrictions (most sites are 16 ft wide).

Can a friend drop off my trailer?

Yes, a friend can drop off a trailer for you. Upon arrival you will need to get your tickets scanned at the festival gates. Your friend dropping off the trailer will then need to leave their driver’s license, phone number and a credit card at the gates. They will then have 1 hour to drop off the trailer and leave the show site. If they don’t come back within the hour and we cannot contact them, their card will be charged for a full event general admission ticket.

Can I drive my vehicle around on the camping site roads?

No, there is zero tolerance for people riding on/or in the backs of pick-ups etc. And the hood of a vehicle is not a seat. All vehicle traffic roadways are for either arriving or leaving the festival grounds only. Please leave roadways clear for onsite emergency and security vehicles. If you want to visit other campers please do so on foot.

Other Faqs

What is a “Behaviour Band”?

For the safety and security of all attendees, our Security team will be watching for any guests that are causing issues. At their discretion, they have the ability to remove your festival pass and replace it with a “Behaviour Band” before escorting you back to your campsite for the night. If this happens, you can visit Guest Services for a replacement wristband the following day. Please note replacements are at the discretion of the staff & management. If you have received a Behaviour Band it is because security would like to extend you a second chance, rather than remove you from the festival. Please be kind to all those you may deal with during these instances – they may be the difference between a night off and an eviction. Multiple offences will not be tolerated.

Respect, diversity, and positive memories are at the heart of what Rockin’ River stands for.

More than just another concert, we are a community of open-minded individuals that embrace the differences between us. We ask our fans to be kind to one another, treat your friends and strangers with consideration, and make good choices.

Our staff will assist anyone that needs help or feels unsafe without judgement. Reach out to security staff, volunteers, or anyone wearing a radio to help you if you need them.

Stay safe, don’t drink and drive, and enjoy your time at the festival and in the river.

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