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Box Seats, Party Zone & General Admission. We have a ticket type for everyone!

Get right in front of the stage with our Party Zone tickets, guarantee yourself a seat in the new box seating section, or bring a friend and blanket/chair to kick back in the general admission area.

  • General Admission


    General Admission is a great way to enjoy Rockin’ River! Bring your own lawn chair, grab a piece of land and you are set for the day! Four-Day General Admission Tickets are available for purchase now.

    • Located right behind The Roxy Party Zone and reserved seating area.
    • You still have an amazing view of the stage and we also have massive LED displays if you’re way back.
    • Get right up in front of the stage in The Roxy Party zone area. (Only accessible to The Roxy Party Zone ticket holders)
    • All ages allowed

    View proposed 2016 seating map.

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  • Reserved Seating


    Our reserved seating and camping presale starts on Friday, August 28 @ 10AM for all Riverfest 2015 customers. Check your email for more details. All tickets will be available for purchase to the general public on September 1st.

    Don’t get stuck in the mad rush trying to claim your spot in the general admission area. Instead stroll in and walk right up to your reserved seat and know it’ll be there for you all day.

    • *This is a no standing section. Please respect the people around you and be considerate of their view. If you want the option to stand up and party, you can also purchase our $20 reserved seating party zone access pass, that’ll let you access the party zone right in front of the reserved seating area.
    • Located behind the party zone with a 12′ no access zone between the sections.
    • If you were at Riverfest 2015 you would have noticed how the back 5 rows of reserved were raised up about 18 inches from everyone in front. We’re looking at extending this rise to cover all of reserved to make sure you have the best view possible.
    • Gives you a GREAT view of the stage
    • You don’t have to worry about hauling a chair or waiting in line
    • This is a NO SMOKING section.
    • All ages allowed. Children 3 and older must have their own seat.

    With feedback from both reserved seating customers and also from our artists we have revised the reserved seating map. The new layout is to help keep everyone in reserved in their seats and on their bumbs, while still giving people the chance to dance right up in front of the stage if they purchase the party zone access pass on top of their reserved seat. Plus with people in the party zone on either side of the stage it will encourage the artists to play to both sides of the stage, which will give everyone a better performance overall. Because of these changes we will not be able to guarantee the exact same seat you had last year. View the new 2016 seating map.

    * Note: Please understand that while this is a no standing section, there will be times during the festival that the music might catch hold of the entire reserved section and move you to stand and boogie in your seats.

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  • The Roxy Party Zone


    The Roxy Party Zone is a large area located right in front of the stage on both sides of the thrust. Along with having an amazing view of the main stage you will also have a token beverage service and when your favourite bands get on stage you’ll have the chance to be right in front of the stage and along the thrust.

    • Located right in front of the stage.
    • This is a NO SMOKING section.
    • There are no selfie sticks allowed in The Roxy Party Zone area

    View proposed 2016 seating map.

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